Primer: How To Tell If A Girl Likes You with 15+ Proven Signs

how to know if a girl likes you

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She might be feeling vulnerable if you talk about these things and she would never ever want to risk herself with you knowing – at least not yet when she’s not ready. Slight physical contact is casually leaning on you when you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends, her hand lingering longer than intended when you pass her the notebook from last class, or even just the harmless pat on the back means so much more now. Take note that the more she does this around your presence, the more confirmed it is that that girl is clearly smitten by the likes of you! If she shies away from looking at you when you talk to her, then there’s a huge chance that she’s crushing on you too.

In that case, it’s often good to step back a bit and try to match her better. If you’re usually giving her long replies, but not getting the same in return, it means you’re probably too eager. If her texts are about the same length or longer than yours, that’s great. It also makes it a lot easier for you to take initiative.

When a girl likes you, she may also laugh at your jokes (regardless of how funny they actually are). When a girl likes you, she will touch her lips, collarbone, or neck to draw your attention to these areas. When a girl likes you, she will often try to touch you, as this is a noticeable yet still subtle way to flirt.

Also, shy girls usually don’t touch back because they’re so afraid of messing up. It’s a weak signal, but it’s still positive because it’s part of an open and welcoming body language she has toward you. That means she’s trying to make a good impression on you. Is she giving you a light smile when you get eye contact? That kind of eye contact often feels more intense, and can even be a bit weird or uncomfortable.

Subtle Signs She Likes You

For example, soon after meeting her, you can already know a lot about her family, friends, or even past relationships and goals for the future. There are many topics you can discuss with a girl without any mutual attraction at all. There is clearly a lot of mutual attraction, which means you can already set up the next date!

  • So my friend who I’ve known for forever and don the get me wrong, she’s super chill and awesome and honestly a great person but….
  • But you need to pay attention and see if she’s using overtly sexual terms and more meaningful sexual subtext to describe your appearance.
  • Most guys don’t react to being rejected very well, and when it happens more than once, they will be less and less likely to reach out to girls out of fear of being turned down again.

If she finds excuses to touch you, then it’s a great sign that she likes you more than a friend. When a girl likes you and is thinking about you, she’ll want to talk to you. If you’re not ready to ask her outright, don’t worry; we’ve found seven sure-fire signs she likes you more than a friend.

She likes me as she tells me but she always remain reserve due to religious belief and she is unable to text me everyday because she has no personal mobile.. Well, I really fancy a male barista at my local branch of Starbucks so you’re by no means the only one! I told her that I would keep that in mind (super mysterious I know lol) and she’s like “alright see you tomorrow then :)”. We ended up holding up the drive thru talking (it was both of us not just me). we both get more visibility excited to see each other every time I go through the drive thru.

If she walks into a room and she knows you’re going to be there, pay close attention. Maybe a passing smile means nothing at all, but if nine times out of ten she is smiling your way, then she is probably giving you the green light to approach her and strike up a conversation.

If she’s laughing at all your attempts at jokes its because she wants you to feel good about yourself. I wish I could find a guy that’s nice like you. These are very good signs that she’s thinking about dating you… and that she likes the idea.

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She could be all the way across the room but notice you talking to others. It’s those moments where she says “um” for what seems like a solid minute. Of course, some questions won’t be as personal however, you can still take note of the times when she tries to find out what you think about other women. Or when she mentions she doesn’t have a boyfriend, when you already know from the grape vine she does.

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